So can be described the waves of Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, where this dream begins. These were the waves that Garrett McNamara was invited to know and explore in 2010, invited by the Town Hall of Nazaré, in a three years’ project. The North Canyon Show by Garrett McNamara goal was also to understand Nazaré sea potentialities’, which are unique for being under the influence of the Canyon of Nazaré, a geomorphologic undersea phenomenon that allows such outstanding waves.

For such a unique place as Nazaré, where wave sports are so important, nothing better than to have an internationally known Extreme Waterman exploring its waves and broadcasting it all over the world. The waves, as the culture, the Portuguese experiences and traditions… Four giant wave sets and several successful charges – in modalities as surf, tow-in and stand up paddle – marked a month of new experiences in Nazaré. “They’re probably the biggest in all world in this kind of bottom – sand”, said GMAC, which included the participation of other explorers like the Portuguese José Gregório and Rúben Gonzalez, the English Andrew Cotton, the Irish Al Mennie and the French Peyo Lizarazu.

2010 was also the starting point for engagements, future projects and close cooperation with the Nazaré Town Hall. These partnerships are meant to internationally promote Nazaré as a referential place for big-wave sports, reason why, among other projects, will happen a big-wave’s event in 2012, attended by the world’s best riders. A true challenge for all free men that will always love the sea at all its splendor, at its maximum power.

This is the second year of this mission. The ZON NORTH CANYON SHOW counts once again with Garrett McNamara to test his limits and enrich his knowledge over the sea of Praia do Norte!