Branding Praia do Norte comes up from the need to attract to Nazaré a big and growing market related with Adventure Sport.

The first stage was all about demystifying the waves of Nazaré, particularly the ones of Praia do Norte. Several sub-brands were developed as a marketing plan settled in the facts that Nazaré has not only giant and powerful waves, but also spots and waves accessible to all athletes.

The path is made by walking and today the brand development strategy goes out further then the sport. Settled in the singularities brought by the “Nazaré Canyon”, sport and leisure intersect with training, scientific and environmental knowledge and tourism.

The present investment in infrastructures, the growing education activity of the Alternative Sports Club and the predisposition of economic agents to invest towards products and services for this market, allow us to look forward in an optimistic way.

The projects of the Big Waves Museum, the Scientific and Environmental Interpretation Centre of the Nazaré Canyon and the Training Centre for Safety and Rescue will be a certainty and will provide Nazaré with strong instruments to compete in this market, detaching from other usual surf spots.